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/wän . twäns/

Noun (plural)

A portmanteau to describe a person or persons who loves dumplings, gastronomy, and staying up late at night discussing the pleasures and prospects of food. 


Hi. I'm Isabel Twanmo, also known as Wontwans (ya catching on yet?) 

Wontwans started as an Instagram page in 2017 to showcase my favorite restaurant food finds. I knew I loved to cook, talk about food, and learn about anything related to food, but I was still stuck in the unproductive “foodie” mentality posting any food I ate that looked “instagramable”. When I was laid off from my job back in March 2020 due to the pandemic, many of the restaurants I loved to support closed too or were offering limited take-out options. I started cooking everyday, creating comfort and a means of creativity during a seemingly unstable and unpredictable time.

Today, Wontwans has become so much more than a foodgram. It's a place to record recipes I've enjoyed putting together at home during the pandemic, a motivating space to share my self-taught cooking and amateur food photography journey, and a way to reconnect with my Chinese roots through cooking, ingredient exploration, and technique. 

The recipes and photos I share are all of foods I like to make on a regular basis, some that remind me of home, and some that I just think other people might enjoy learning about too. And I really want to learn about them with you! Please don't hesitate to shoot me a comment, email, or question using the channels below, and make sure to follow @wontwans on Instagram and TikTok for more.

<3 Isabel

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