Isabel is a visual artist and museum professional based in North Adams, Massachusetts. Originally from Cabin John, Maryland, Isabel graduated High School from the Washington Waldorf School and went on to receive her B.A. from Bennington College in 2018 with concentrations in Music, Visual Arts, and Neuroscience. In her studies at Bennington, Isabel strove to combine her interests in as many ways possible. Her studies in neuroscience and human psychology informed her creative projects by providing a clearer understanding of how a viewer or listener  perceives and processes a piece, while her knowledge of the arts helped to refine her priorities in neuroscience by researching the effects of the arts on the developing brain. 


Isabel’s professional experience supplemented her academic studies while exposing her to the professional art world; she has assisted New York City-based artists Jeanne Silverthorne and Daniel Wiener, developed her interest in bio art/science-inspired art at the SVA Bio Art Lab, explored the world of film and TV production with Knight Takes King Productions and Red Marble Media, and dabbled in food service in dining halls, cafes, and retail shops across the Northeast. 

Isabel  now works in Visitor Services at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and as the Gallery Assistant at Ferrin Contemporary. She is also a proud member of the North Adams-based artist collective, Common Folk, where she sells and displays work in their retail space and on their website. In her free time, Isabel likes to visit other art spaces, study her inspirations such as Louise Bourgeois, Susanne Anker and various tattoo artists around the world, and make visual and edible art in her kitchen and in-home studio space. Her work has been shown in the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park, the Yellow Barn at Glen Echo Park, MASS MoCA, and has been featured in multiple online publications. For more information about Isabel’s work experience, please find her CV here. To see what she's cooking, please see her food page here--aptly titled "Wontwans"-- where she primarily shares her favorite Asian recipes.

Artist Statement

In my work with sculpture and mixed media, I explore ways in which a scientific approach can fuel artistic exploration from a process-based perspective, that is, questioning, hypothesizing, gathering information, and experimenting based on previously observations. This process helps drive how I approach a new piece, learn from a material, and use new or existing knowledge to achieve a definitive result. 


When I am working on a new piece, I start with an idea, a question, a pair of materials, and proceed with an action-- mix, pour, cut, impair, layer, connect, disrupt. From there, I ask myself what the result looks like, if it reminds me of another material, object, or past idea, and use this information to execute the next action. Each new result provides new information to record and review in later stages of making or for a new piece. For me, the end product will sometimes answer my initial idea/question or engender new questions for the next piece. I often feel this process being closely mimicked in my exploration of ingredients when cooking. 


While my sculptural pieces come from a place of curiosity and order, my drawings and prints target a more playful side. My process takes on a more structured approach where an initial idea is clearly imagined and executed. I am rarely asking a question or looking for answers, but rather using small-scale imagery as a space to have fun and  often create a world where child-like wonder is paradoxically reimagined. Some of my most recent examples of this include a series of anthropomorphized foods in whimsical positions or situations; I think of these as a way to play with food in the least messy way possible. My preference towards bold, black and white figures reflects my interest in contemporary tattoos, while my desire to translate personality and comedy through vegetables originates from my love of food.

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