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Vegetarian Carbonara

Creamy, salty, cheesy, and dreamy; this carbonara is meat-free without sacrificing any flavor. Full recipe can be found below the video.


Pappardelle pasta, cooked al dente

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon, sliced into small "bacon bit" pieces

1 egg

1 egg yolk

Black pepper

Chili flakes (optional)


Sliced fried garlic (optional)


Add your pasta to boiling, salted water. Simultaneously, in a pan on medium heat, fry the “bacon” bits until the edges become crispy. Then in a serving bowl, add the egg, egg yolk, black pep, chili flakes, parm, and whisk. Once cooked, add the “bacon” bits, pasta, and little pasta water to the serving bowl and stir quickly to coat. It is important to stir everything together quickly so the egg doesn't clump. You want an extremely smooth and luscious consistency.

To finish, top with fried garlic if you choose, and serve.

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