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Sushi Bowl

I hesitate to call this a “poké” bowl when no raw fish was used and just about EVERYTHING with rice and raw ingredients seems to be halfheartedly considered a poké bowl these days, so we’ll call this a “yummy-budget-friendly-sushi-bowl”. This bowl is easily customizable and can be made vegetarian or vegan with some easy substitutions.

This one includes:

Sushi rice (combine cooked sushi rice with a couple tbsps rice vinegar and sweetener---I used monk fruit sweetener)

Hosta Hill Kimchi


Fake crab

Sliced cucumber

Soy-marinated tofu (combine tofu, soy sauce, a splash of hot water, and any other spices you like and let sit for 20 minutes before plating)




Pickled ginger

Optional additions:


Real fish/crab

Seaweed salad

Sriracha mayo

Pickled onions or radishes

Jalapeno peppers


The possibilities are endless! Feel free to comment with your favorite sushi bowl additions in the comment section :)

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