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Slow-Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic (Confit)

Suuuper jammy slow-roasted tomatoes with evoo, garlic, black pepper, and topped with basil and a salt-bae sprinkle of fleur de sel. Did I eat an entire baguette in one sitting because of these? Yes, and I know you will too when you make these...


1 pint grape or cherry tomatoes

4+ cloves garlic (you can NEVER have too much garlic)

Extra virgin olive oil, enough to cover tomatoes halfway (use a medium-fancy olive oil— one that’s flavorful but not too expensive and good for dipping. Why? After you eat the tomatoes, that leftover garlicky tomato oil is literally liquid gold)


6-10 basil leaves (optional)

Fleur de sel (optional)


In a heat-safe pan, lay tomatoes so none overlap and add olive oil, salt (do not use fleur de sel until the end), and black pepper. Place in the oven at 300-320 degrees and roast for a minimum of 2 hrs (yes 2 hrs, flavor takes TIME okay?!). Once the tomatoes become smooshy and start to develop toasty brown speckles, remove from oven, add basil while the oil’s still warm, and serve with warm bread and fleur se sel.

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