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Quick Air-Fried Tofu

I once saw a tweet that said something like “I have an air fryer and HBO max, I literally don’t need you” and I FELT. THAT. This air fried tofu plate is one of my fav go-to quick meals esp when I want something that feels like I put effort into it without...putting too much effort in...! It includes a lot of Thai and Japanese flavors and ingredients and just hits all the right spots. Here’s how I built it:


Firm tofu, about 3-5 ounces, cubed

Jasmine rice or sushi rice, steamed

Red onion, finely diced (pickled red onion would also be perfect for this!)

Spring onions and/or cilantro

Thai red chilis (I used some of the chilis and garlic from this Thai Chili Vinegar recipe)

Kewpie mayo (the sweetness of kewpie mayo is what really pulls this dish together!)

~1.5 tsp fish sauce

Bonito flakes

~1 tbsp lime juice


Togarashi (optional additional spice)


Air-fry the tofu cubes at around 375 degrees for ~5-7 mins or until they form a crispy outer layer. You can achieve this crispy layer with or without added oil!

Once the tofu has crisped, add a thin layer of rice to your serving bowl, add the tofu on top and drizzle lightly with kewpie mayo, and top that off with bonito flakes. Add the red onion, spring onions, and chilis to the bowl, and drizzle the fish sauce and lime juice on top. Finish with furikake and togarashi, and make sure to mix it up well before enjoying!

You can also add any other veggies to this as you like. A little blanched & dressed spinach or cucumber salad would be a really nice addition!

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