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Japanese Onigiri

I’ve been making a lot more Japanese food recently, like these spicy salmon (back) and crabstick (front) onigiri. They make for the perfect snack....because food inside food is always a good mood. Here's what I added:

Sushi Rice Ingredients:

Sushi rice, steamed

Rice vinegar or sweetened rice seasoning

White sugar

Furikake (optional)

Spicy Salmon Filling Ingredients:

Cooked salmon

Kewpie mayo


Sesame oil


Togarashi (optional)

Crab stick Filling Ingredients:

Crab sticks


Other Ingredients:

Seaweed sheets to wrap

Wasabi to top or dip

Pickled ginger


Combine rice ingredients in a bowl. In separate bowls, combine individual filling ingredients to your liking. Stuff into rice, shape into triangles, wrap in seaweed, and enjoy!

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