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Food Hack: Easy "Har Gow" Dumplings

They may not look like traditional Har Gow dumplings---a dumpling usually wrapped in a translucent starchy wrapper---but if you’re like me and 1) live in an area where the closest dim sum joint is over an hour away or 2) may not always have the time or energy to make homemade dumpling wrapper dough, these are the quick fix (emphasis on quick), no-cook snack for you! Prep time: 10 mins or less.


Vietnamese spring roll wrappers

Cooked shrimp

Scallions or chives

Optional ingredients:

Sliced bamboo shoots

Sliced water chestnuts


Dip a spring roll wrapper sheet in water—DO NOT SOAK—the water will quickly absorb into the wrapper in a matter of seconds. Once the wrapper becomes soft and stretchy, cut into quarters and place shrimp and any other ready-to-eat filling inside each quarter-sliced wrapper. Fold the wrapper around the filling in any way you prefer, making sure to cover the filling evenly. That’s it! You’ve got yourself a nice and super quick snack that can be dipped in your favorite dumpling condiment.

Is it the same as the real thing? Not at all, but yummy just the same if you’re in a pinch!

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