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Food Hack: Banana "Nice"cream

Love this itty bitty cup of joy; it’s so creamy and easy and gives me a quick healthy kick while satisfying any sweet summer craving. Here’s the easily customizable recipe:


1 frozen banana

2/3 cup frozen mango

1/2 scoop organic vanilla protein powder

1/4 cup almond milk to help it blend

Optional ingredients:

1 tbsp powdered almond butter (extra protein boost!)

1 tbsp coconut flakes/shavings

1/4 cup orange or pineapple juice instead of almond milk

Any other fruit

Cacao powder for chocolate nice-cream!


BLEND! That’s it! I like to add a sprinkle of coconut flakes or powdered almond butter on top for a little crunch.

Because it’s so low in fat, this would also make for the perfect post-workout smoothie if you simply double up on liquid and protein powder

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